Der diskrete Charme der Scharia
Lovely future 
Wriggling and writhing, beating about the bush beating women with a tooth stick? Who is chastising unruly dominating men?
Endless series of this stuff in the net. And our own law system intends to muzzle  critical voices.
The catastrophy is the uneducated stupid people. These are worse than the perverse preachers!
Any nation or culture succumbs to its own decadence not to foreign influence. …
Stupid people fall prey to stupid teachings.
Wife Beating The rules
All human beings are equal before Allah except on earth.
How gentle not to beat women in the face or cause bleeding?
Oh, we are not responsible to what happens in Mecca, but we are still bowing toward Mecca?
Do we need Mosques and  Muslim towers to proclaim such stuff paid for by Saudis backhanded?
Are they not continually criticising the West?
There you are! Only a rod will help
Islam = Obedience of women! 
Wife Must Consent to Husband's Desires!
Maybe women want to pay their own bills instead of subordinating to men:
"Men have authority over women"
He`s having a problem with a toothpick!
Non-Muslims & Basic Human Rights? Zakir Naik
Death penalty for converts confirmed publicly. Hobson`s choice if you are born there!
Fascinating logic.
All men are equal but some are more equal than others. Women are not men.
They are not ready yet for the same justice. In any case it is their natural instinct to
seek protection of men. The  less logic the more speech.
Flogging of women – religion in action